Audit Score

Owner Privileges
Team Trust
Main Risk


This smart contract has been reviewed by Fair Stamp. We did not find any vulnerability nor backdoors that would lead to stolen liquidity or any sort of malicious activity.

This is an original smart contract that works very similarly to BNBMiner (which was a fork of other projects too), as staking mints sub-tokens that can be traded, with every step including conditions and time locks.

Contract Details

Daily ROI1% on staked engines token.
FeesDeposit fees: 10% (not modifiable by owner):
– 6% trading wallet,
– 3% marketing wallet,
– 1% dev wallet.
Referral3% earned on swap. They are transferred as BUSD to the referrer.
Min Deposit0.05 BNB
Max DepositNo limit
– if a swap volume is above 2% of the tvl, then the swap value can’t be above it,
– can’t withdraw while a stake’s deadline has not been reached,
– prevents stake or swap for 24 hours.
While a stake is active, a wallet can’t swap tokens as part of a time lock in exchange for receiving daily interest as engines token. These tokens can then be swapped.
There is an anti-whale feature to reduce impact of a single transaction, however it does not really protect from whales.


We did not find any backdoor in this smart contract that allows stealing funds or any sort of malicious activity.

Owner Privileges

Launch – launches the contract, enabling deposits.

Team Trust

The team is known and has worked with the DinoBUSD core team before, or so they claim.

Main Risk

This is a “miner” kind of yield farm that relies on funds invested to inflate its sub-token value. If the contract reaches $0 then investors will not be paid out anymore. However since this is a miner, the sub-token price is relative to supply and demand, and that supply inflates with time. Earnings scales up and down.

Referral systems are centralized threats. This means that influencers and developers are likely to receive significant funds from referrals and earn more than day-to-day interest. This should be taken into consideration in all due diligence.

Yield farms without external fundings are gambling products and should be considered as such. High risk, high reward. Always do your own research.


This contract has been audited by a human.
Only invest what you can afford to lose.
DYOR – Do your own research.