Mordor Finance

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Owner Privileges
Team Trust
Main Risk


This smart contract has been reviewed by The Stamp. De did not find any vulnerability nor backdoors that would lead to stolen liquidity or any sort of malicious activity.

This is a very well written smart contract, and an original source code by the team who previously built The BNB Dwarf, which benefited from the same developer. The principle is simple: stake X BNB and receive daily interest based on your staked amount. There is also the possibility to beat up other users of this smart contract to try and get some of their invested funds into the battle.

Contract Details

Daily ROI3%~8%
Bonus is based on the BNB staked amount. (A / 10 ether)
FeesDeposit fees: 10% (not modifiable by owner):
– 4% Marketing,
– 6% Dev.
Withdrawal fees: 0 (not modifiable by owner).
Unstake fees: 20% (remains in the TVL, not modifiable by owner).
Burn fee: x% (depend on user choice, up to 5%): by using this, users sacrifice x% of their balance to supportWallet, that same % is the new daily ROI bonus.
Min Deposit0.05 BNB
Max DepositNo limit
Timelock6 claims (or 6 days) are necessary to avoid 90% tax (that remains in TVL) on withdrawal.
24 hours between claims or withdrawals.
3 BNB minimum stake to enable autoclaim.
Users can burn x% of their balance to increase daily bonus (up to 5%).
– uses math to compute rewards depending on the duration, as if the user was claiming once a day.

– users can fight each other,
– by using fight(), users are paying to,
– 1 hour between battles,
– uses pseudo-randomness to determine winners, who receive ⅔ of the total value put into the current battle. The last ⅓ remains in the TVL. Winner is selected if the block number is dividable by the number of participants. Therefore users have a 50% chances to win 33% of the total invested amount into a battle.


We did not find any backdoor in this contract.

Owner Privileges

initialize – starts the smart contract allowing deposits and withdrawals. Renounces ownership.

Team Trust

The team is known and has built “The BNB Dwarf” previously, which was also an original smart contract, and was also well written.

Main Risk

This is a complex, and well written smart contract. It has complex features to increase possible earnings and implement gambling to sustain the TVL more. Pseudo randomness is used to choose winners and the overall source code is very clean.

The owner can only initialize the contract and immediately renounce ownership. The decentralization of this smart contract is appreciated.

This is a “ROI” kind of yield farm that relies on funds invested to payout existing users. If the contract reaches $0 then investors will not be paid out anymore.

Referral systems are centralized threats. This means that influencers and developers are likely to receive significant funds from referrals and earn more than day-to-day interest. This should be taken into consideration in all due diligence.

Yield farms without external fundings are gambling products and should be considered as such. High risk, high reward. Always do your own research.


This contract has been audited by a human.
Only invest what you can afford to lose.
DYOR – Do your own research.